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The wonders of Polymer80

I started building quite a few years ago mainly because I love creating things that I want - literally executing on a vision whether it be a 3d model or a firearm. 

My latest is using the Lego blocks for adults to build a G17 clone using Polymer80 frames and Brownell's RMR cut Glock Gen 3 slide.  Can't wait to try it out at the range!

Recent posts

Rattle Can - HK 416

Rainy Saturday so I decided to paint my HK416 using Krylon Ultra Flat Camo paints.  I used to Duracoat and Cerakote everything the color I wanted but I decided that that was overkill.  All you really need is just a rattle can.  The Duracoat/Cerakote finish is durable but what I don't like is the process where some of the "painters" for Cerakote remove your anodizing so it "sticks" better.  The anodizing is for hardness and protection. Cerakote doesn't have the same hardness - SO STOP CERAKOTING everything and allowing these guys to strip off your protective finish.  Simply spray over it if anything - that what I do when I apply it at home.

What else are you supposed to do on a rainy day weekend?

Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 19 Gen 3

Saying goodbye to 2 of my many Glocks.  I have way too many and not enough time to use them all so I might as well sell them.

For the New Year, if I'm not using it, time to get rid of it.

M&P Goodbye

I thought I wanted an M&P but in reality, when you are shooting a pistol it isn't about the gun it is about you and finger control.  I'm a Glock fanboy so this one is up for sale locally.  Comes with standard M&P and 2 Costa Ludus mag extenders from Taryn Tactical.

Papercraft at its best.  I was a fan of Robotech when I was a kid and I found the original Roy Focker VS-1 Veritech.  Well, I had to mode it to be a VF-111 Sundowner Veritech.  About 6 hrs of work in all mostly in Photoshop and cutting and gluing too.  Lots of Elmer's.

300Blk 10.5 Ares Armor - Keyholing

Barrel keyholse with 125gr Sierra Match Points  147gr M80 ball works fine though.....

1 - 8 twist from 10.5 inch barrel.

The B.A.D. Stack